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correction éléments de langages pour le jeu alea

parent 37841f54
...@@ -39,15 +39,15 @@ ...@@ -39,15 +39,15 @@
"step3_B_efficiency": "Efficiency", "step3_B_efficiency": "Efficiency",
"step3_B_next_value": "Next binary value", "step3_B_next_value": "Next binary value",
"game_info": "Here is a game: Machine vs. You! Will you be able to deceive it? Or are you too predictable?", "game_info": "Competition! Test your predictibility against other players!",
"game_config": "Game configuration", "game_config": "Game configuration",
"game_play_against": "Play against", "game_play_against": "Play against",
"game_play_against_computeur": "the computer", "game_play_against_computeur": "virtual player",
"game_play_against_other_player": "another player", "game_play_against_other_player": "another player",
"game_play_against_other_player_name": "Name", "game_play_against_other_player_name": "Name",
"game_play_ok": "Let's go!", "game_play_ok": "Let's go!",
"game_restart": "Restart game", "game_restart": "Restart game",
"game_computeur": "Computer", "game_computeur": "Virtual player",
"fin": "fin" "fin": "fin"
} }
\ No newline at end of file
...@@ -39,15 +39,15 @@ ...@@ -39,15 +39,15 @@
"step3_B_efficiency": "Efficacité", "step3_B_efficiency": "Efficacité",
"step3_B_next_value": "Valeur suivante", "step3_B_next_value": "Valeur suivante",
"game_info": "Un jeu: vous contre la machine ! Serez-vous capable de la tromper? Ou êtes-vous prévisible?", "game_info": "Un jeu : compétition de prédictibilité ! Testez-vous contre d'autres joueurs !",
"game_config": "Configuration du jeu", "game_config": "Configuration du jeu",
"game_play_against": "Jouer contre", "game_play_against": "Jouer contre",
"game_play_against_computeur": "la machine", "game_play_against_computeur": "un joueur virtuel",
"game_play_against_other_player": "un autre joueur", "game_play_against_other_player": "un autre joueur",
"game_play_against_other_player_name": "Nom", "game_play_against_other_player_name": "Nom",
"game_play_ok": "C'est parti!", "game_play_ok": "C'est parti!",
"game_restart": "Redémarrer le jeu", "game_restart": "Redémarrer le jeu",
"game_computeur": "Ordinateur", "game_computeur": "Joueur virtuel",
"fin": "fin" "fin": "fin"
} }
\ No newline at end of file
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