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Commit f2d34b1b authored by M. Chardon's avatar M. Chardon
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correction rotation restore

parent d9505cb2
......@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ class restore_assignfeedback_editpdfplus_subplugin extends restore_subplugin {
$paths[] = new restore_path_element($elename, $elepath);
// Rotation details.
$elename = $this->get_namefor('pagerotation');
$elepath = $this->get_pathfor('/feedback_editpdfplus_rotation/pagerotation');
$elename = $this->get_namefor('feedback_editpdfplus_pagerotation');
$elepath = $this->get_pathfor('/feedback_editpdfplus_rotation/feedback_editpdfplus_pagerotation');
$paths[] = new restore_path_element($elename, $elepath);
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